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Tip inquiry: The wait goes on

Posted on July 25 2014 at 12:18:12

The following is an exchange of emails prompted by Coun Luke Mallett’s letter in last month’s issue of The Village, “A tipping point”, regarding an inquiry into Marlbrook Tip.

Dear Councillor Mallett – We now have an irreversible deposit of 1.5 million tonnes excess of inactive material on the tip, a tip-reservoir allegedly unsafe and little prospect of the promised golf course.

All this is a result of councillors and officials accepting without demur, records of quantities tipped that are not worth the paper they are written on.

Given this, I believe only an inquiry that does not include Bromsgrove councillors and officials will satisfy those living in the shadow of the tip or along the tipping lorry route (B4096).

Charles Bateman
Lickey End

Dear Charlie – Thanks for your email. As you know I support and called for a (non-statutory) public inquiry as being the only route to get to the bottom of what has really happened at the Marlbrook Tip and where the responsibilities lie.

I believe that this would also be the best route to restore public confidence and to ensure that this is never, ever, allowed to happen again.

I brought this call to the council in February, however the Conservative administration in Bromsgrove felt they would prefer to establish a “working group” in the first instance, rather than a public inquiry.

Such is the way of democracy and they won the vote and effectively put off the public inquiry until a working group had assessed the problem.

For this reason I find it all the more alarming that, months on, the working group is yet to even meet. The arguments for taking this matter out of the hands of the council and launching a public inquiry, to my mind, grow stronger by the day.

Luke Mallett
Councillor Whitford Ward & Leader of the Labour Group

Editor’s note: As The Village went to press, it was believed that a meeting would be held on July 24, chaired by Marlbrook councillor Brian Cooper, where the seven places on the working group for residents would be allocated.

What do YOU think should happen to Marlbrook Tip? Let us know your thoughts via the usual addresses.

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