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Posted on January 26 2006 at 9:08:35

I wonder if I may, through the medium of your excellent magazine, solicit the help of your many intelligent readers in providing an answer to a small problem that has arisen with the recycling of plastic bottle tops.

I’ve recently become the proud owner of wheelie bins and plastic boxes, as provided for in the council’s scheme for recycling; however, when I excitedly used my boxes for the first time, I found to my dismay that the workmen had left behind all the plastic bottle tops.

My initial reaction was that this was an oversight. I’ve since learnt that the tops are not recyclable.

My question is: why can’t the manufacturers make the tops of the same consistency and material as the bottles, then everything could be recycled – or am I expecting too much out of this much-vaunted scheme?

John B Holland, Alvechurch

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