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Tories’ tip excuses

Posted on March 21 2014 at 12:49:06

I was very disappointed that during the recent full meeting of Bromsgrove District Council on Wednesday February 26, the quite reasonable request from Bromsgrove Labour Group Leader Luke Mallett that Bromsgrove District Council support his motion for a non-statutory public inquiry into the problems surrounding the mismanagement of the Marlbrook tip was rejected by the Tory Group.

Tory Ward member for the area, Dr Brian Cooper, offered the rather feeble excuse that an inquiry would be pointless as many of the staff responsible for the Marlbrook tip problems were no longer in post. He failed to acknowledge that the current chief executive of Bromsgrove District Council was in post during the material time.

The amendment put forward by Tory councillor Kit Taylor that a cross-party group including local residents, council officers and their legal team be set up as an alternative to an independent inquiry, is simply a classic case of kicking the problem into the long grass and hoping that it might just go away.

The creation of the cross-party working party will not halt the current Environment Agency authorisation granted to the tip owner, who has already abused previous authorisations, to proceed with the further dumping of restoration soil at the tip.

The recent public meeting about the Marlbrook tip revealed that this would mean 400 lorries a week for a six-month period visiting the tip to meet the target that has been authorised.

A public inquiry might well also have required that everything be put on hold until the inquiry had been concluded and allowed to make recommendations.

The Tory group who were in power have opposed an independent inquiry to investigate their serious mishandling of the Marlbrook tip. One of their group claims the inquiry would be pointless and another comes up with the feeble working party compromise.

Then to top it all off, the Tory councillor for Marlbrook John Ruck did not even attend the council meeting that discussed the public inquiry motion.

What are the Tory group trying to hide? How can local residents of Marlbrook and the surrounding areas like Catshill have any confidence in their future management of the Marlbrook tip?

Bernard McEldowney, Lickey End

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