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Town parking fees are ‘brainless’

Posted on February 28 2018 at 12:38:07

Every week in local newspapers there are complaints about parking in Bromsgrove – justifiably, in my opinion.

I’ve shopped in town for perhaps 60 years. I treasure a “Mr Harry” limited edition velvet suit, flares of course, which I bought in the early/mid sixties from what was then a very good menswear shop, and is now something like Foto Factory or Specsavers or whatever.

There’s no chance of buying anything upmarket in town now.  Well, maybe gin, now that speciality booze shop has opened.

Most of the “good” shops have disappeared; think of Rainscourts, Apps and so on. 

I know it’s not all because of parking, but the “pay and display” regimen imposes such strict limits that we now only go in to town if we absolutely have to, then pay a minimum, do whatever (usually banking), and get out of town before we get a parking fine. We can’t be alone in adopting that attitude.

You may have read, surely know in any case, about the amount Bromsgrove District Council raises through parking fines. The most lucrative car park seems to be the one serving the new Waitrose store.

The BDC man responsible seems pleased to retort to questions that if people behaved properly there wouldn’t be any fines.

That attitude is a great way to further the demise of the town. Fool. Or maybe he is the town jester. . . 

I’m guessing that anyone issued with a £60 fine won’t be rushing back to Waitrose.

We recently visited Tavistock in Devon. All-day parking £2, nice big car park near the town centre. The town was busy, lots of speciality shops, nice restaurants, cafés, a great market hall being refurbished. 

Bric-a-brac stalls in the old town hall. Could have been Bromsgrove but for the river. Population of Tavistock: 11,000 plus. Population of Bromsgrove: 29,000 plus.

You have to ask the question: why? If Tavistock can do it, why can’t Bromsgrove?

District council policy springs to mind; forward-thinking and planning for the future of the town in Tavistock, “brainless in Bromsgrove” destroying the town.

Very short-sighted policy by the council, which seems hell-bent on generating cash from fines rather than giving us back the town we once had and enjoyed.

Small wonder the car parks at the Longbridge shopping facility are generally well used.

Les Bailey, via email

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