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Traffic calming wastes money

Posted on August 26 2006 at 9:48:39

Re: the effectiveness of the planters and bollards on the pavement in Barnt Green: What a waste of money!

In my experience it has made only one difference to the 4x4s, BMWs and Mercedes cars that used this area as extra parking in the past – that difference being that they now park half on the pavement and half on the road if they cannot fit the whole car on the pavement.

They cause havoc to the traffic flow when instead of waiting for a break in the traffic to open their door, they open it on to oncoming cars who have to stop for them.

I have watched cars pull up on this area, when there were bays opposite they could have parked in. Shouldn’t we have a warden somewhere?

Barnt Green was a lovely village before they started mucking about with all the speed humps and bumps; instead of slowing down for these obstructions, cars place the humps under the centre of their wheels and drive straight over, causing cars on the opposite side of the road to stop due to parked cars on their side, ie: by the school.

Let us also see the parking charge waived at the station.  This causes much more congestion in the village than it really needs.

Cars parked up Fiery Hill to avoid the parking charges make the road effectively a one-way street, and there are cars parked in side roads – what a shambles.

Surely someone else sees this, too! I’m surprised we haven’t seen more accidents in the village.

Barbara Pack, via email

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