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Traffic destroys village character

Posted on April 30 2005 at 3:34:40

We were delighted to read of the initiative that you are taking in bringing the traffic situation in Alvechurch to the forefront of everyone’s consciousness, aiming to make it the number one priority on residents’ wish-list for the forthcoming county council elections.

It is the single issue which, successfully dealt with, will bring the greatest improvement to the lives of all villagers.

Alvechurch has the potential to be a quite idyllic village for both residents and visitors to enjoy, but the volume and speed of traffic destroy the character of the village completely.

You have expressed the wish to reduce the speed limit from Roberts Corner to Cobbs Barn Farm.

We feel that it is essential to extend this to include Scarfield Hill on the west to Hunters Heights on the east, and to ensure that Old Rectory Lane does not become a rat run as a result of added restrictions in central Alvechuch.

Over a number of years we have sought to achieve speed restrictions and weight limits in Old Rectory Lane and have failed completely and the situation has worsened.

We would favour Old Rectory Lane being made into a cul de sac. This may also be a solution to other roads that are currently used as short cuts by non-residents.

We feel that there is a strong imperative for traffic to be directed or diverted on to roads that have been specifically constructed for large volumes of free-flowing traffic, and away from narrow country lanes and villages.

There is no pleasure to be had strolling along any of the country lanes in and around Alvechurch. To walk, cycle or run along Radford Road involves taking one’s life in one’s hands.

The 30 mph speed limit along part of its length is ignored by most drivers, so the only real answer is to eliminate the unnecessary traffic.

No one likes speed humps, including ourselves, but they work. In order to encourage traffic to use the bypass we would therefore favour intelligent use of this simple measure.

Peter Cottrell & Christine Swainson, Alvechurch

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