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Traffic frustration

Posted on May 29 2018 at 11:29:10

It is high time that something drastic was done about the traffic situation in Aston Fields.

There is a particular bottleneck around the island by the Ladybird pub, due to the fact that cars are allowed to park outside the Co-op and adjacent shops where the road is quite narrow.

Traffic often grinds to a halt as vehicles crawl one at a time past the parked cars, and of course this is especially bad at rush hour in the morning and evening when there is extra traffic created by people driving away from the railway station.

This may get worse when there are more trains stopping at Bromsgrove (if indeed we ever get them!).

I’m sure those shops would not wish to hear this, but surely it’s time to stop cars from parking outside them, so that the road goes back to two lanes?

There’s usually also a traffic jam outside Banners, caused by cars waiting to turn in or out of St Godwald’s Road, which has definitely got worse since the new homes were built down there.

This is symptomatic of a wider problem around Bromsgrove – many more new houses being built with no thought of how it will affect the road network.

Frustrated motorist, Bromsgrove

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