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Tree trouble

Posted on December 28 2018 at 2:11:59

When I was on Barnt Green Parish Council I found out they were paying £200 each year for supply and installation of a Christmas tree.

I suggested we planted a tree which would eventually grow large enough to use for Christmas lights.

This was done and the tree had been used ever since as the Christmas tree and was a lovely-looking tree throughout the year.

The parish council has now had this tree chopped down! Nothing the matter with it – their reason was that it was too large and branches were interfering with the telegraph pole.Have they never heard of pruning?

They not only chopped the tree down in November – just weeks away from Christmas – but also paid for the installation of a temporary tree for the Christmas lights.

This pathetic little tree is positioned behind the electric meter box and can hardly be seen.

I and many other Barnt Green traders and residents are completely at a loss to understand the logic.

In this day and age we should be trying to protect trees, not cut down healthy ones – and also they are wasting rate payers’ money.

Diane Carr, Barnt Green

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