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Tune in to Radio Cofton

Posted on June 30 2019 at 1:43:26

Reservoir Road has two new resident DJs on Cofton Hackett Radio (CHR). Myself (aka Dogtags) and my next door neighbour, Will, have our own shows at 8pm on Tuesday and Friday respectively.

I originally replied to a casting call for local presenters, although I had no previous broadcasting experience. After a little encouragement (and a great deal of patience) my dining table was slowly reworked into a sound studio with global reach.

While in training I mentioned to CHR that Will was a budding club DJ.

Despite the decades separating us, there’ll no doubt be a crossover in our sonic styles based on what I’ve overheard while mowing the lawn. The plan is to eventually collaborate and maybe perform guest slots on each other’s shows.

After all, it’s just a hop over the hedge to the other studio. Perhaps we’re announcing the origins of Reservoir Road FM.

Steve Farley (Dogtags), Cofton Hackett

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