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Verging on the ridiculous (again!)

Posted on July 31 2017 at 12:17:42

Recently the residents of Oakfield Drive in Cofton Hackett have seen work undertaken by Virgin Media Group to install underground cables.

This generally has been done by uprooting the grass roadside verges. Upon completion the verges were left in a extremely unkempt condition with the majority being almost grassless with a pile of stones and grit left behind.  

In an attempt to remedy this and return the verges to their previous state, many residents, like myself, undertook the task of cleaning up and reseeding the verges outside their respective properties, in their own time and at their own monetary cost.

During this process, I have witnessed people deliberately walking, riding bicycles and parking cars over the damaged verges.

In an attempt to prevent this in the short term, and give the grass a chance to germinate, I and several other residents put obstructions on the verges to deter people from destroying the reseeded areas.

I recently received a visit from a council official informing me that they had received complaints regarding the site of the canes in the verge outside my property and that they were causing an obstruction to walkers and their dogs and they were to be removed forthwith.

I am particularly pleased that I cannot understand why an individual would make such a complaint otherwise I, too, would be narrow minded. 

Where does social responsibility, caring for your environment and taking pleasure in your surroundings figure in this individual’s mind? Quite frankly, I despair at their selfish behaviour.

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