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Village young are being priced out

Posted on March 30 2015 at 2:01:39

It is well known that when, some 15 years ago, Mill Court in Alvechurch was put to tender, there was a plan for some affordable homes so that kids from the village had a chance to live near their folks.

It turned out that all houses were bought by “suits” from Solihull. The same happened up Tanyard Lane and the same happened to the house I viewed up at the M42 bridge going out of the village heading to Birmingham.

The kids who grow up in Alve­church are now forced to go and live in the Bronx of Redditch, taking away the chance for their kids to go to school here and be near their family.

I’m sure that lots of young people will be on my side in this subject.

Tom Molloy

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