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Water carry on!

Posted on November 01 2010 at 12:52:39

I thought your readers might be interested in a little drama that has occured at Bordesley recently.

On Sunday September 26 a water pipe a few doors away from us on Birmingham Road fractured. On the Monday my neighbour reported it. On Tuesday a man in a small white van arrived and drew hieroglyphs in blue paint on the pavement and road. He then departed.

On the Wednesday two large vans arrived with attendant crews and set up camp. They were there from the morning until approximately 3.30pm when two of them set up temporary traffic lights, just in time for the evening peak.

When the peak was over the lights were removed and everyone departed. The little stream outside our gate was now gathering strength.

On Thursday nothing happened, nor did it on Friday and Saturday. The little stream is now becoming a feature of the landscape, quite attractive in its way – a sort of Bordesley on the Water.

Ian Hayes

The Editor writes: By the time The Village went to press, it looked like the Bordesley water feature had been removed – but we always appreciate hearing of any “Right, said Fred” scenes you may have witnessed.

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