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We must fight for our village

Posted on May 08 2011 at 10:27:47

I live in Barnt Green and am both amazed and disappointed that yet again we have to fight for the preservation of our village.

I moved to Barnt Green to live in a village not in a conurbation of Birmingham and this proposed area of potential development is one of the few, if not only site which is open green field, separating Barnt Green from the sprawl of Birmingham.

In addition we have a very large re-development programme planned for Longbridge a couple of miles down the road and therefore I do not understand the reasoning behind these proposals to re-designate this land.

Bromsgrove Council has been notoriously strict in it’s application of planning law towards all residents of Bromsgrove, in particular within Green belt areas. So why now is it supporting a major U-turn and proposing to re-designate this land as potential development land?

Barnt Green is already suffering from the over development of back gardens and I genuinely feel that such a proposal would irrevocably alter the village to the extent that I would seriously considering moving from Barnt Green.

I chose to invest both personally and financially in Barnt Green, I made a committment to the village. Those people who are proposing these changes I am sure have not made any such commitments, so why should they have the right to suggest and determine fundamental changes to our village?

I strongly support the parish council in it’s fight to protect and maintain Barnt Green as a village and am more than willing to contribute towards the legal costs of fighting for our village.

M Halston

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