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We should embrace Groveley bus route

Posted on July 25 2014 at 11:41:12

Having read last month’s letter complaining about the number 45 bus (Noise of the ghost buses, Village Views July 2014), this is a copy of a letter we have sent to Network West Midlands, from the passengers’ point of view:

We have waited a long time for a decent bus service to run the length of Groveley Lane. It is a brilliant service, so much better on our daily commute to the city centre, and with great links to the QE and the great new Longbridge town centre.

Perhaps the people who object would like to walk from Rednal island to Parsonage Drive twice a day and then they might realise how great the service is. We should embrace it.

As for traffic noise, what difference do the buses make? Groveley Lane is a main road with cars and commercial vehicles running up and down it day and night already.

Come on and let’s make use of this great opportunity afforded to us by WM Travel.

A happy traveller

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