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We support our youth but not bad behaviour

Posted on August 27 2010 at 5:15:23

Alvechurch Village Society would like to reply regarding the articles about the Muga in your July/August edition. 

Ann Overs (Village Views) is putting forward valid points in her support for the residents of Swans’ Length; an on-line petition really cannot be viewed with the same consideration or substance as an actual petition gathered physically by local residents who live with this Muga and the problems associated to it.

There is almost an inference of Nimbyism here with regards to the residents at Swans’ Length, but usually one finds Nimbyism is a pretty good yardstick by which problems are highlighted and then acted on, so we should not be too eager to decry it.

Support for the Muga is mainly from parents, grandparents and their children who rightly think this facility is something to be appreciated, and this is our view as well.

We think this facility should be kept and looked after properly, however residents who live alongside it should also be able to appreciate it and not be made to suffer in order to appease the rest of the village’s enjoyment.

Late night revellers congregating in this area is not on, and as you at The Village magazine point out, linking this facility with antisocial behaviour should not be tolerated either.

Therefore residents who oppose the Muga and residents who support the Muga, should be treated with equal respect and the onus should fall to the authorities to sort things out.

So come on Bromsgrove District Council along with the police, you should find methods to eradicate this late-night behaviour.

Directional lighting, CCTV cameras for a start, would be a better investment than the cost of the removing the Muga and re-siting it elsewhere.

Alvechurch Village Society supports initiatives for youth but not antisocial behaviour.

Adrian H Smith
Chairman Alvechurch Village Society

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