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We will all continue to suffer until the road system is completed

Posted on April 23 2010 at 5:35:56

I was interested to read Mrs Hackett’s reply to my neighbour’s letter regarding the A435 (Village Views, April 2010).

As I understand it the problem mainly arises from the flows of traffic between the M42 and Redditch, and in this respect there is no comparison between the two roads.

Granted that south of the A4023 (Coventry Highway) junction the A435 becomes single carriageway and in the absence of a Studley bypass causes congestion through the village.

However, north of that junction the road is dual carriageway with a series of grade separated junctions. I believe that it was so designated to cope with traffic to the new town.

The A441, on the other hand, south of the Alvechurch bypass through Bordesley, has not seen much attention since about 1927. It is a winding undulating road completely unsuited for the 20,000-plus vehicle movements it carries each day.

The situation would have been much improved had the Bordesley and Studley bypasses been constructed. There would then have been a dual carriageway route from the M42 to Evesham.

Unfortunately the Bordesley bypass failed to come about as a result of a series of foul-ups, and the Studley bypass was sacrificed for political reasons.

The result is that the short length of road through Bordesley, a residential area, is subjected to a dangerous pressure of traffic.

That the A435 was originally designed as the main route to Redditch is proved by the fact that Junction 2 of the M42 is signed “Birmingham South” while Junction 3 is signed “Birmingham S, Redditch, Evesham”.

This was originally done following representations from Bordesley residents. Of course the introduction of sat-navs has not helped.

Ideally, until the Bordesley bypass is built, we could do with a weight restriction and speed cameras on our heavily overloaded road.

Ian Hayes

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