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Weather is very local

Posted on November 19 2008 at 3:45:05

I was very interested in the weather statistics published in the November issue of The Village.

They demonstrate to me how much the micro-climates vary across the parish. For instance, in October 2007 we had four nights of ground frost, the lowest temperature being -3C.

This year we had ten nights with ground frost, the lowest temperature being on the night of October 28-29 at -7C.

As regards rainfall, there was one storm in October 2007 with 17mm of rain. The total for the month was 38mm. This year the night of October 4 produced rainfall of 23mm, the total for the month being 75mm.

I am sure that this only proves that Bordesley is a wet and draughty old place.

There is one other factor – the saying that a robin in the garden is a sign of rain. Our bird does a job fairly regularly into the rain gauge, but that would not account for the difference in readings.

Ian Hayes, Bordesley

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