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Well, our lake poses a risk to national security . . .

Posted on March 30 2015 at 1:50:39

Reading The Village (News, March 2015) I can wholeheartedly sympathise with our near neighbours regarding the appearance of the “Lake of Alvechurch”.

Only a few miles away up the hill, and a mere 670 feet above sea level, we can also boast a water feature called the “Lickey Reservoir”.

Indeed, its official designation came as a wonderful surprise to many of us local residents.

Sited on the now (in)famous Marlbrook Tip, it has lately gained national importance courtesy of the recent engineer’s report in which a substantial amount of text had been redacted due, we understand, to the possibility of it being a national security risk.

Now, I’m fairly confident that the unassociated plant which inexplicably appeared on site last year does not hold any WMDs, nor are there any nuclear submarines hiding in the 18 inches of reservoir water, so would suggest that someone is making yet another mountain out of relatively large and growing molehill.

Any possibility of the originally intended nine-hole golf course ever materialising has long-since been blown out of the water (pun intended) so may I suggest that opening a boat hire service from the reservoir’s apparent “shore-line” would be a welcome diversion from the on-going circus of events.

Now, if we could only figure a way of joining-up with that lovely lake in Alvechurch…

(Ever-so-slightly tongue in cheek)
Keith Woolford, Chairman, Lickey Community Group

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