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What a stench!

Posted on February 22 2014 at 11:25:12

I write with regard to Mayfield Farm rendering plant, which is situated at Canalside in Hopwood.

I live at Waterside Orchard, the mobile home park adjacent to the canal.

We are subjected to clouds of obnoxious steam emanating from Mayfield Rendering Plant.

The plant renders down sheep and chicken bits and pieces not required by the abattoir. This murky Grade 3 waste is transported by the tonne in lorries to the plant.

The resulting stench when this waste is being processed in the “cookers” is an olfactory nightmare.

Many phone calls and emails to the Worcestershire Regulatory Service Community Protection Team eventually galvanised the said team into action.

They eventually produced a report which summarised as follows: “At this juncture we do not believe there to be any problems with odours from the processing as the description given by residents of the odour suggest that they may emanate from the transfer facility next door which is not covered by the permit.”

The only large fly in that particular large puddle of snake oil is that at the time of the inspection the plant was shut down for “alterations”.

The stench being pumped out from the cooking process therefore, was absent. A bit like road-testing a car without turning the engine on.

A couple of emails to our local councillor – or is that the Patron Saint of Lost Causes – produced absolutely nothing. 

Another lost cause?

John Grant, Hopwood

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