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What will stop people speeding?

Posted on March 30 2015 at 2:02:39

Unfortunately, I fell victim to the mobile speed camera on the Old Birmingham Road in Bromsgrove just before Christmas. 

However, having now attended my speed awareness course, I have to say that after passing my driving test 23 years ago it was actually a benefit to attend this course. 

Needless to say I would not want to have to do it again in a hurry, but I would certainly be an advocate of all drivers having to undergo some kind of refresher training after a period of time. 

As an example, forklift truck drivers are recommended to undergo refresher training yet that same person can hold a driving licence and be in possession of a more powerful piece of machinery on public roads and  it is deemed acceptable that they passed their driving test many years ago and don’t need to undergo any kind of refresher training.  

What was interesting from the course was to learn that speed cameras, whether they be fixed or mobile, can only be used when there is justification, meaning that my previous perception that this particular mobile unit is a good source of income for West Mercia Police must be wrong. 

I do still question why, if there are so many victims of this camera and therefore so many people guilty of exceeding the speed limit, does the council not use other effective methods to slow drivers down?

Karen Hambleton
Barnt Green

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