Wednesday December 19 2018

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Where will we park?

Posted on February 19 2012 at 3:53:59

I read with interest that the local council is to put double yellow lines outside Crown Meadow School in Alvechurch. Can they tell us old grandparents where we should park our cars?

My wife and I travel from Wythall to collect the grandchildren and park on the road like many others and we watch with fear as cars and large lorries race past, driving over the domed island.

We pay dearly for driving as it is; we should have somewhere to park. Why not take notice of many other councils and erect flashing 20mph signs, put a policeman there with his speed gun? It shouldn’t take long before drivers took notice: it worked at the bottom of Gorcott Hill on the A435.

Did the council not visit other school sites to see the problems caused by cars parking as the parents collect their children? A quick visit to Meadow Green School, Wythall, or any other school in the country would have shown them the problems and they could have acted accordingly. As it is, we are being banned from the roads.

John Carrington, Wythall

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