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Who else has an Anderson shelter?

Posted on February 28 2005 at 3:38:07

My family and I moved to our present home in November 2003 but have only recently discovered that we have an Anderson shelter in our rear garden.

It really came as quite a surprise when we discovered it well hidden under an established flower bed.

My son and I have cleared a substantial amount of rubble from inside and now intend to make a feature of it with Second World War memorabilia.

I am aware that during the war, fighter aircraft were made at the nearby Longbridge works so I suspect that many houses in the locality may have had the benefit of an Anderson shelter in the event of an air raid.

But I wonder if there are many left? Certainly I believe it would be interesting to find out, and perhaps if this letter is published The Village may unearth many more?

Phil Hall, Cofton Hackett

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