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Who the houses are for

Posted on May 17 2008 at 11:54:11

The phone calls that are being received by Gary Fowler of Bromsgrove District Housing Trust (The Village, May 2008) we hope are being answered with the facts.

These being:

That only six of the houses are for “new build home buy” and that these will be offered as a priority to residents of Hopwood and then Alvechurch.

The remaining 14 houses are to be “social rent”. These are to go to the homeless of Bromsgrove, of which there are many.

These statements come from the Bromsgrove District Council planning committee agenda and a transcript of the planning meeting which took place at the council chamber on September 10 2007.

The character of our hamlet will change drastically. We feel that all the facts should be made clear, not just to the existing residents of Hopwood but to the new residents who are to occupy these homes.

Debbie Brown, Hopwood

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