Wednesday January 16 2019

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Whose dung is it, anyway?

Posted on November 27 2017 at 3:30:39

I enjoyed reading the fabulous tip given by Cheryl Godfrey regarding using the horse droppings to feed the roses (Village Views, August 2017).

One Sunday morning I awoke to find a large steaming pile at the end of my drive (more akin to elephant dung than that of a horse, may I add). I decided to do as Cheryl suggested and use the manure in my garden.

It seems that someone else had taken this tip on board, too, as no sooner had I collected my shovel and wheelbarrow than the manure had gone! Quite obviously scraped up by somebody else.

Now I don’t want to add another chapter to the “poogate” saga, but I think that if the horses expel outside my house, then I should get first refusal on said poo. Is this reasonable? 

Could I suggest that if the dung is obviously deposited outside someone’s house, then the owners get a courtesy knock to ask if they’ll be using the smelly stuff before it is taken?

P.S: Cheryl Godfrey, we love seeing all the horses and riders up down the lane; it’s part of the joy of living here. We always slow down and give you space when driving past, too.

Cofton Church Lane resident 

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