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Why the A435?

Posted on March 19 2010 at 2:38:32

In reply to R Kelly (The 3 deaths rule, Village Views, February 2010), it is ridiculous to suggest all heavy goods vehicles should come off the M42 at junction 3 and on to the A435, where there have already been more than three deaths.

I work on the A435 and the heavy goods vehicles are non-stop. People live along this road, too, and deserve a bit of respite.

To complete their journey the lorries have to negotiate Studley, where residents have long campaigned for a bypass to no avail.

A railway carriage, by the way, would not get through Studley.

No, R Kelly, let’s be fair to all. Neither yourself nor the residents of the A435 want heavy goods lorries thundering past your front doors, but if you live on an A-road near motorway junctions you have to expect heavy traffic.

R Hackett, Redditch

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