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Posted on March 21 2014 at 1:23:06

Being confined temporarily at home after a bicycle accident, I read Mary Green’s article on waterways in the March issue and was amazed and educated about the tributaries feeding the River Arrow.

One of the brooks that feed the river runs down my garden in Ten Ashes Lane. I can confirm that the kingfisher does frequent the reservoir as it flies up my brook.

Also along the bank we often get the heron fishing for the fish that make their way up the brook – a shoal of them have made their swim in my neighbour’s part of the brook.

I also am amazed that the common ducks fight and mate in my garden; this, I believe, was due to the land on which my house has been built being reclaimed from the reservoir/duck pond many years ago.

I maintain the banks of the brook a to the best of my ability but would always appreciate any advice from an expert on how to improve the vista.

Graham Moseley, Cofton Hackett

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