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Woe of the Dowager Queen

Posted on February 28 2005 at 3:48:01

Europe is like a Dowager Queen. She has gained experience and wisdom through seeing her siblings argue (the 100 Years War, the First and Second World Wars), through them inflicting pain on others (the Holocaust) and seen her siblings, as they gain experience and authority, try to stop this happening again through a 50-year process of overregulation, control, directives, harmonisation and homogenisation.

The Dowager Queen realises that the steel, and forever-tightening, corset imposed by her siblings (the European Union Bureaucracy) is stifling the energy, vitality, enthusiasm of the next generation (Europe’s hard working citizens) and crushing their entrepreneurial spirit.

The Dowager Queen knows that the energy of youth must be gently guided into productive paths (through Subsidiary in decision making) and not crushed by over over-control (Centralisation).

Is anyone listening to the Dowager Queen and seeking her wisdom? Britain and the 10 new accession countries are. Is Brussels?

Dr Rehan ul-Haq, Alvechurch

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