Wednesday December 19 2018

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Yellow lines = faster traffic

Posted on March 30 2017 at 2:21:42

I write in response to the March Oakalls article, Lines and Litter. I am not entirely sure where your correspondent, Sarah Rees, lives, but I assume it is not on Green Park Road?

For the last two months she and various do-gooders have commented on the ”safety of Green Park Road”, and yet all have failed to mention the speed at which drivers fly round the junction (generally to drop their kids off, or collect), as they are late for/from work.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am all for safety, but if I am being honest, at least the cars/vans parked at the top of the road became obstacles and slowed down the traffic.

All the yellow lines have done is given the drivers licence to swing round the junction at their leisure, generally too fast. 

As for the litter pick, I hope it achieved everything the organisers expected. Thank you. Can I suggest CCTV cameras for the Finstall School alleyway? Dog poo is still an issue – installing some economic, light- and motion-sensitive cameras would soon identify the irresponsible culprits. 

The Oakalls and The Parklands have a lot more to offer than the issues Sarah seems to want to raise. Maybe for next month’s edition she should focus on what makes residents enjoy living here?

Michael Avent, via email

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