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Views from the Past

Posted on November 28 2016 at 11:11:30

News has always been an adaptable beast; the same story can be presented in many ways depending on the medium and to suit the purposes of its purveyor, often for political or ideological reasons.

Deer, deer, deer . . .
Posted on November 28 2016 at 11:09:40

This year we have had three deer feasting on the apple-fall in our garden.

Anonymous views
Posted on November 28 2016 at 11:08:40

We don’t agree with the inclusion in The Village of letters from people who wish to hide beneath a cloak of anonymity. 

Church has own cash
Posted on November 28 2016 at 11:06:40

In response to your “Church needs council money” story in The Village (November 2016), it seems strange that a church (St Michael’s), being part of one of the wealthiest organisations in the country and a charity (therefore, does not pay tax itself) feels put out at not receiving parish council money, which comes from the tax payer.

Mother Nature needs a helping hand
Posted on November 28 2016 at 11:02:40

I enjoy Mary Green’s articles and appreciate the time and work she puts into her contributions to The Village

Lawton’s View
Posted on November 28 2016 at 11:13:46


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