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Lawton’s View
Posted on January 31 2019 at 2:46:31



Posted on January 31 2019 at 1:45:31

What a fine mess party politics has got us all into. After more than two years, the mist has lifted to reveal a Prime Minister more concerned with preventing her party being rent asunder than the future of the country she is supposed to be governing.

Libraries should be fully staffed
Posted on January 31 2019 at 1:42:49

I attended the public consultation at Rubery Library for the proposed changes to our local libraries and would like to make the following points.

When will the tip farrago end?
Posted on January 31 2019 at 1:40:49

So the saga of the Marlbrook Tip continues. Recent inspections have shown that the landowner has been importing hardcore to the site.

Tipping point
Posted on January 31 2019 at 1:36:49

On December 13 at 15.20 (3.20pm in old money), as I turned on to Rose Hill, a line of us followed a heavily-overloaded tipper truck up the hill.

The small birds are here!
Posted on January 31 2019 at 1:33:49

Richard Page wants to know where the small birds are (Village Views, January 2019).

Thanks for bin collection
Posted on January 31 2019 at 1:32:49

We would personally like to thank Councillor Charles Hotham for arranging to get the grey bins collected after we had missed out before Christmas.

Get your facts straight
Posted on January 31 2019 at 1:25:49

On Saturday January 5, I received a note through my letter box asking if I could clear an amount of dog waste from the waste ground at the side of my flat.

Parked cars are a real danger
Posted on January 31 2019 at 1:22:49

I recently contacted Worcestershire County Council’s Highways department about the parking situation on Fiery Hill Road.

Oh, sugar!
Posted on January 31 2019 at 1:20:49

It’s good to have a monthly recipe, but could you and your recipe writer please not describe something as a “healthy treat” and “full of good ingredients” when it is in fact full of sugar?


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