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Lawton’s View
Posted on April 29 2019 at 3:11:55

MAY 2019


Posted on April 29 2019 at 2:10:55

How often have we or someone else said: “At least we’ll be able to make our voices heard at the ballot box”? Well, it’s been a long wait, four years since the last local elections, but at last the time has come to make a change at Bromsgrove.

Tories won’t stand up for village
Posted on April 29 2019 at 2:00:04

I see that once again the Conservative Party has selected a district council candidate for Barnt Green & Hopwood who lives on the other side of Bromsgrove.

Village news or entertainment?
Posted on April 29 2019 at 1:58:04

Many years ago, my boss advised me to regard the BBC and ITV news programmes as entertainment. Likewise, The Village magazine is just as much fun.

Cycle concern in Rowney Green
Posted on April 29 2019 at 1:56:04

A number of residents in Rowney Green have raised concerns about the speed at which some cyclists go down Rowney Green Lane.

Bonfires haven’t killed me yet . . .
Posted on April 29 2019 at 1:29:04

According to Mr Ridarta of Cofton Hackett (Bonfires have the potential to kill, April 2019) I guess I should feel exceedingly lucky to be alive.

Memories of our friend Robin
Posted on April 29 2019 at 1:26:04

In answer to the query (Remembering Robin, Village Views, January 2019), the bench at Alvechurch Marina is indeed in memory of our dear departed friend Robin Walden, as is the apple tree alongside The Weighbridge pub.

New homes will spoil Burcot’s beauty
Posted on April 29 2019 at 1:24:04

I agree wholeheartedly with the comments in David Barton’s letter last month. I would like to add, “Democracy is a great thing – if only the authorities would use it more often!”

Appeal for democracy
Posted on April 29 2019 at 1:22:04

Please let me clarify, after a recent experience, what I would do if I felt I had good reason to object to the planning application to build a house immediately in the vicinity of my property, and why.


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