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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

. . . and it kept on raining . . .

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Misty morning

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

It was an uneventful first two weeks of November, with near normal temperatures and a mixture of dull damp days and chilly but sunny and frosty days.

However, from the 20th onwards a number of Atlantic rain-bearing depressions moved in from the southwest across the centre of the UK.

The normal path would have been to the north west of Scotland, but a deviation in the Jet Stream to the south has produced one of the wettest periods since July 2007.

There has been a lot of flooding locally with many minor roads affected. Because of the saturated ground any more rain will have even more impact, especially along the Avon and Severn which have already been badly affected in places.

November 2012 (Up to 25th)
Mean Max   9.9C   +0.1 above average
Mean Min   3.5C   -0.1 below average
Mean         6.7C   exactly average
Rainfall       130.7mm (167% of entire month’s average)
Sunshine 53.5hours (84% of entire month’s average)
Rainfall in the 24hrs to 8am on the 25th: 38.4mm
Rainfall in the 96hrs to 8am on the 25th: 93.4mm (more than the entire month’s average)

October 2012
Mean Max 12.8C -1.1 below average
Mean Min   5.9C   -0.5 below average
Mean         9.4C   -0.8 below average
Rainfall       80.7mm   89% of average
Sunshine     96.9hours 105% of average

October was quite an average month, rainfall at 80.7mm was 89% of the normal, sunshine 96.9 hours was 105% of the normal.

A mixture of many dull and wet days, but also quite a few clear and chilly days.

Chart of river levels

The outlook towards the end of November is for a gradual change to drier conditions, and possibly a slightly colder spell.

Computer models at the moment do not agree on which way it will pan out towards Christmas.

The chart above shows water levels in the River Arrow at Studley rising quickly between the 24-25th of November.

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