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A look back at ‘summer’

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Now that we’re into autumn, it’s a good time to take a look back at the “summer” of 2012 (June, July and August). Some statistics for those three months combined:

June, July and August 2012
Mean Max 19.2C 0.7C below average
Mean Min   11.3C 0.1C above average
Mean       15.3C   0.7C below average
Rainfall     387.5mm 224% of average
Sunshine   308.8hrs   70% of average

August 2012
Mean Max 20.6C 0.7C below average
Mean Min   12.5C 0.8C above average
Mean       16.5C   exactly average
Rainfall     95.3mm 183% of average
Sunshine   106.5hrs 71% of average

August was a very unremarkable month with temperatures near or around the mean for the month. Again quite a wet month with 95.3mm of rain, i.e. 183% of the 20-year mean.

It was also a poor month for sunshine levels, following on from the rest of the summer – 106.5 hours, i.e. 71% of the 20-year average.

There were four days with thunder which is quite a high number for this area, the average being only five or six for the entire year, the last couple of years being even less than this.

September 2012 (to the 17th)
Mean Max 20.1C 1.9C above average
Mean Min   8.8C 0.8C below average
Mean       14.5C   0.6C above average
Rainfall   9.1mm only 15% of average
Sunshine 105.3hrs   86% of average

September so far has been divided. The first week was very warm for this time of year with temperatures well above average, with a change around the 10th to more normal September weather with brighter but cooler days.

The overall temperature has been staying above average so far, being very much drier than the last three months with only just over 9mm of rain so far. Sunshine has been more plentiful than during the “summer” with 86% of the entire month’s sunshine already.

The outlook is for a similar type of weather pattern, with near-normal temperatures and slightly less rainfall than we have been used to during the summer. Further into the future, the computer models are too variable to be certain.

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