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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

A month of extremes

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Lenticular clouds

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

June began with cool, wet, and very windy conditions up to the 12th, with all of the rain falling up to the 10th. From the 12th onwards there was no rainfall, while temperatures gradually increased.

A temperature of 30.4C was recorded at my weather station on the 19th, the highest June temperature here since 2000.

June 2017 (to the 21st)
Mean Max   21.0C   1.9 above average
Mean Min   11.7C   1.9 above average
Mean     16.4C   1.9 above average
Rainfall     43.8mm   73% of average
Sunshine 136.2 hrs 101% of average

May enjoyed dry conditions initially. There was only 1.8mm of rain on the 1st of the month, before further rain from the 11th onwards. It then rained every day from the 11th to the 20th.

The wettest day of the year so far was the 17th, with rainfall of 22.2mm. The month’s rainfall was 78.9mm, 142% of the local mean.

May 2017
Mean Max 17.7C 1.4 above average
Mean Min   8.8C   2.1 above average
Mean     13.2C   1.7 above average
Rainfall   78.9mm 142% of average
Sunshine 165.9 hrs 110% of average

Low pressure was dominant early in June, followed by high pressure over the south of the UK. Things seem set to change again as July begins, with more changeable and cooler weather. 

Computer models suggest that high pressure to the south may return at some point which would again give us good summer weather.

However, the position of this high pressure is very important – too far to the east and it would be cold and wet!

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