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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

A month of two halves

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Frosty sunrise

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

January was quite an average month temperature-wise, with the exception of the 9th and 10th which had maximum temperatures of 14.1C, and 13.3C.

The only year with a higher January maximum temperature locally was 1998, with 15C.

Temperatures then took a plunge, with a daytime maximum on the 20th of only 3C – the coldest since March 2013.

Overnight minimum temperatures also have been low with -5.2C on the 23th, the coldest minimum for more than two years at my site.

January 2015 (to the 23rd)
Mean Max   7.9C   1.2 above average
Mean Min   1.2C   on average
Mean       4.5C   0.6 above average
Rainfall     62.2mm   91% of average
Sunshine 57.5 hours 114% of average

December had been another month where the mean temperature was 1C above the local mean, at 5.3C.

Temperatures varied throughout the month, with a colder spell from the 26th to 30th.

Rainfall was near the local mean (91%) with 63.3mm. Sunshine was above the local mean (159%), with 77.8 hours.

December 2014
Mean Max   8.3C   1.2 above average
Mean Min   2.2C   0.7 above average
Mean       5.3C   1.0 above average
Rainfall   63.3mm   91% of average
Sunshine 77.8 hours 159% of average

The year 2014 was again one of the warmest years locally, in fact the third warmest over the 25-year history.

It started with two very wet and windy months. There were four days in February with wind gusts of more than 50mph in Alvechurch: gusts of 53mph on the 5th, 52mph on the 8th and 12th and 51mph on the 14th.

It was also the third wettest year in the 25-year local averages.

The Year 2014
Mean Max 14.8C 1.1 above average
Mean Min 7.0C   1.2 above average
Mean   10.9C   1.1 above average
Rainfall 1017.2mm 130% of average
Sunshine 1425.7 hrs 114% of average

The outlook for the moment is staying on the chilly side but no major cold weather is forecast.

Into February the variability of our climate prevails, with a mixture of cold dry anticyclonic spells and wet and windy weather.