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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

A slow start to summer

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Alvechurch sunset

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

June continued the cold theme from May. Night time temperatures were quite low with a couple of ground frosts.

Rainfall was below average – 10 days without any rain from the 2nd to the 12th – but the next two days made up for the dry period with 19.7mm and 9.2mm on the 12th and 13th; well over an inch in just over 24 hours.

The clear cold nights meant more sunshine, with a month’s level recorded by the 18th.

June 2015 (to the 18th)
Mean Max   18.4C 0.6 below average
Mean Min   8.1C   1.7 above average
Mean       13.3C   1.3 below average
Rainfall     36.2mm   61% of average
Sunshine 135.2 hours 99% of average

May ended up being a wet and cold month. Rainfall of 73.5mm was 132% of the local monthly average.

Daytime temperature levels were quite low at an average of only 15.1C, which is 1.2C lower than the mean – below what we would expect for a normal May.

There had been eight ground frosts up to the 18th; not a good month for putting out bedding plants!

May 2015
Mean Max   15.1C   1.2 below average
Mean Min   7.0C   0.3 above average
Mean       11.0C   0.5 below average
Rainfall   73.5mm   132% of average
Sunshine 129.2 hrs 86% of average

Spring 2015 (March, April, May)
Mean Max   13.3C   0.3 above average
Mean Min   4.4C   0.2 above average
Mean       9.0C   0.2 above average
Rainfall   142.7mm   86% of average
Sunshine 448.7 hrs 124% of average

“El Niño” has not yet had any obvious effect on our weather patterns. The cold start to the summer appears to be due to a blocking high pressure area, which often has the effect of bringing cooler north-westerly winds. 

The area of sea to the NW of the UK is colder this year, possibly due to some Ice melting from the Greenland area.

The outlook into early July is much of the same – quite dry weather but not many very hot days, just pleasantly warm away from the wind.

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Above: Alvechurch sunset over the M42.