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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

A wet and mild start to autumn

Posted on October 22 2013 at 1:43:22 0 comments

Autumn sunset

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

October was a very mild month up to the 22nd, with a warm and mostly dry first week or so.

As the month continued, it became quite wet and dull, with well below the average level of sunshine.

The average temperature of 12.9C is well above the local mean, mostly due to mild and warm nights with no frosts.

October 2013 (to 22nd)
Mean Max   13.7C 0.2 below average
Mean Min   6.1C 0.3 below average
Mean         9.9C 0.2 below average
Rainfall   59.7mm   66% of average
Sunshine   73.2 hrs 79% of average

September was a very average month, with the mean temperature of 13.9C being exactly the local average.

There was a dry end to the month from the 17th onwards, with only 0.6mm of rain on the 25th.

Sunshine and rainfall were only about 80 per cent of the month’s mean level.

September 2013
Mean Max   18.1C 0.1 above average
Mean Min   9.7C 0.1 above average
Mean       13.9C   0C, exactly average
Rainfall   46.6mm 77% of average
Sunshine   98.9 hrs 79% of average

The outlook as we go into November seems very changeable and windy at times. There seems to be the chance of a drier spell developing, with some night frosts and temperatures getting a little colder.

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Above: Sunset, looking south across Newbourne Hill to Lye Bridge Farm.