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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Chill turns to heat

Posted on May 21 2010 at 11:16:07 0 comments

Summer arriving on Newbourne Hill, Alvechurch

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

May has been a month of contrasts, with a very cold start to the month and only near or warmer than normal temperatures into the last 10 days.

Up to the 21st the average maximum temperature of 14.4C was 1.9C below average, while the average minimum of 5.9C was 0.8C below average for the month. The coldest grass minimum temperature was minus-4.4C on the 4th.

The rainfall of 35.9mm was 63 per cent of the month’s average and sunshine, at 107.4 hours, was 71 per cent of the monthly average. Most of the rain fell on May 1st, with 26.6mm (just over 1inch) and a dry month since.

The end of May looks likely to be very warm, but a return to cooler daytime temperatures is possible by June. The general forecast for June is to be around average with little in the way of extremes, the chance of the Atlantic blocking high pressure becoming dominant once again.

Weather lore:
When grass is dry at morning light
Look for rain before the night.

This suggests that dew will form with clear skies and high pressure, but with increasing cloud cover dew is unlikely to form with rain to follow.

There’s more information at and you can now see an improved HD weather-cam, updated at one-minute intervals, at: