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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Cold & snowy start to year

Posted on February 19 2013 at 11:36:17 0 comments

Icy hedge

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

February started a little warmer than January, but still on the colder side of normal.

From the 5th onwards there was a short return to some wintry snowy weather with a maximum depth of snow of 5cm on the 11th.

However, the snowy spell was much more-short lived than the one in January, with a rapid thaw on the 14th.

After a few days of milder weather, the rest of the month is becoming colder and drier with possible night frosts and chilly days.

February 2013 (Up to 18th)

Mean Max   6.1C   1.2 below average
Mean Min   0.5C   0.4 below average
Mean         3.3C   0.8 below average
Rainfall     57.2mm   108% of average
Sunshine   47.1 hours 74% of average

Back in January, there was a mild start to the month, but lower daytime temperatures from the 12th onwards.

There were five ice days, the coldest daytime maximum being -2.0C on the 16th. There were regular periods of dry snowfall, moderate at times from the 18th to the 23rd.

Compared to the previous January (2012) it was significantly colder and much more snowy. There was recorded snow falling on 11 days, and lying on 12 days, with a maximum depth of 17cm of level dry snow.

January 2013

Mean Max   5.5C     1.2 below average
Mean Min     0.8C     0.4 below average
Mean         3.2C     0.8 below average
Rainfall     66.4 mm   98% of average
Sunshine   52.4 hours 104% of average


It seems from the computer models that we are set for a slightly more settled period of weather due to an anticyclone near the east of the UK, keeping some of the unsettled weather to the west.

The breakdown to a more changeable weather pattern is difficult to predict so could happen as early as the beginning of March.

Pictured above: Ice clings to the hedgerow on Cobley Hill, Alvechurch