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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Colder and wetter

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

November began with colder temperatures, but a change started around the 8th with a day of heavy rain – 22.6mm over a 12-hour period.

Each day following this had measureable rainfall after a dry start to the month. 

November 2016 (to the 18th)
Mean Max   9.8C exactly average
Mean Min   3.2C   0.4 below average
Mean     6.5C   0.2 below average
Rainfall     41.0mm   53% of average
Sunshine 49.9 hrs 78% of average

October had been a very dry month with only 22.2mm of rainfall. This was only 25% of the local 30-year mean.

Most of the rain fell on only two days: 7.3mm on the 1st and 8.4mm on the 15th.

There were 19 days with no measureable rainfall.

Overall October was warmer than the 30-year local mean, following the yearly trend for months above average temperature.

October 2016
Mean Max 14.2C 0.3 above average
Mean Min   7.2C   0.9 above average
Mean     10.7C   0.6 above average
Rainfall   22.2mm   25% of average
Sunshine 114.8 hrs 124% of average

November seems to be following the long term mean for temperatures and rainfall. The Atlantic fronts seem to be developing and running in to the central or south of the UK.

This produces wet and windy weather with the possible chance of colder weather on the northern side of the rainfall area – with snow possible in some areas.

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