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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Dry spell ending?

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New lambs near Alvechurch

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

Up to March 20, the average maximum temperature was 9.1C (0.8C below average) and the average minimum was 0.8C (1.4C below average). The mean temperature was 5.0C (1.1C below average.)

Meanwhile, we’d had 13.2mm of rain, which is only 22 per cent of the monthly average and 106.8 hours of sunshine – 113 per cent of the monthly average.

As you can see from the figures the first half of March was colder than usual, but also drier and sunnier. The anticyclonic weather meant we had already had 13 per cent more sunshine than normal with 11 days to go to the end of the month.

But the weather into April seems to beginning to revert to the typical spring weather we get, with the origin of the weather from the Atlantic to the west, rather than the continental weather from the east we have had for the last two to three months.

As a result of this it will be a much more changeable month in April with milder conditions and a good deal more rain than of late, with the chance of showery conditions becoming more the norm. Temperatures are expected to be around the mean for this time of year.

Weather lore:
When clouds appear like rocks and towers,
The Earth’s refreshed by frequent showers.

. . . At this time of year with increased warmth there is much more convection from the warmer land surface and hence shower clouds developing much more readily.

There’s more information at and you can now see an improved HD weather-cam, updated at 1 min intervals, at: