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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

First the rain, and then the snow!

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Train on Lickey incline

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

Looking back, 2012 was a very average year with temperatures near or below the 30-year local average. However, the rainfall total of 1126.3mm made it the wettest year I have recorded in this area since I started recording rainfall in 1990.

December was a record-breaking month for various reasons. There were three ice days on the 11th, 12th and 13th. An ice day is when the air temperature stays below 0 C, which often occurs once every few years.

There were ground frosts on each day up to the 14th. From the 14th onwards most of the month’s record-breaking rainfall occurred with 146.5mm (211%) falling.

As for January, until the 12th of the month most of the averages were near normal. The weather since then has been more easterly in origin with much lower temperatures. Up to the 19th there had already been three ice days, with snow falling on seven days at some point during the 24-hour period.

The maximum depth of level snow recorded on the morning of the 19th was 16cm. There were also small snowdrifts of just over 50cm.


The computer models seem to agree that towards February there may be a return to more variable and westerly milder conditions.

January 2013 (Up to 19th)

Mean Max   5.9C   0.8 below average
Mean Min   1.6C   0.4 above average
Mean         3.8C   0.4 below average
Rainfall       22.2 mm (34% of average)
Sunshine   33.6hours (67% of average)

December 2012

Mean Max   7.2C   0.1 below average
Mean Min   2.0C   0.5 above average
Mean         4.6C   0.3 below average
Rainfall     146.5mm   210% of average
Sunshine   57.4 hours 118% of average

The Year 2012

Mean Max   13.4C   0.3C below average
Mean Min   5.9C   0.1C above average
Mean         9.5C   0.1C below average
Rainfall   1126.3mm   148% of average
Sunshine 1251.2hours 101% of average

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Above: A train makes its way up the Lickey Incline (Pic/Dave Besley).