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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Frost followed by mist

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Misty sunrise

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

January started with a seasonal feel. Temperatures in the first week or so were below average with some hard frosts and sunshine. From the 7th onwards the temperatures increased, with cloudy and misty skies. 

There was a blip during this period: a day with some snow (which may be our winter). The second and third weeks had nine days without any sunshine recorded.

January 2016 (to the 20th)
Mean Max   6.9C   0.2 above average
Mean Min   2.0C   0.8 above average
Mean     4.4C   0.6 above average
Rainfall     40.3mm   59% of average
Sunshine 24.6 hrs 49% of average

December started quite cold, but temperatures increased with a maximum of 14.4C on the 8th. The mean temperature was 5.5C; 1.2 above average.

A very dry month with only 27.6mm of rain, 40% of the local 30-year mean.

December 2016
Mean Max 8.6C 1.5 above average
Mean Min   2.4C   0.9 above average
Mean     5.5C   1.2 above average
Rainfall   27.6mm 40% of average
Sunshine 82.1 hrs 128% of average

Averages & Means for 2016
Mean Max 14.2C 0.6 above average
Mean Min   6.4C   0.6 above average
Mean     10.4C   0.6 above average
Rainfall   729.9mm 96% of average
Sunshine 1433.5 hrs 115% of average

The year 2016 in Alvechurch was slightly warmer than the 30-year local mean. Both rainfall and sunshine were well within the local mean.

However, globally, it seems to have been the warmest year since accurate records began.

As we go into February the weather seems fairly settled, with no real winter weather to mention.

The computer models don’t seem certain on which direction the weather will take: dry and chilly, or more probably changeable with rain and strong winds.

A few models suggest cold frosty weather is a possibility.

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