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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Has springtime arrived early?

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Spring sunshine over Rowney Green

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

March started as February had done, with periods of wind and rain and feeling quite cold.

However, with high pressure blocking the Atlantic low pressure areas from crossing the UK, we then had a spell of spring-like weather with only one day of rain between the 7th and the 19th.

With clear warm days, the sunshine level had already reached the month’s average by the 21st – but as we went to press, it was all about to change…

March 2014 (to the 21st)
Mean Max   12.7C   2.7 above average
Mean Min     3.1C   0.7 above average
Mean         7.9C   1.7 above average
Rainfall     26.3mm   58% of average
Sunshine 97.5 hours 103% of average

February was another windy and stormy month, with gusts of over 50mph on four different days.

There was a maximum gust of 56mph on the14th, this being higher than any gust in December last year.

Temperatures were well above the local average. There were only three air frosts, again well below the expected number.

Rainfall was well above the month’s average, following on from the previous couple of months.

February 2014
Mean Max   8.7C   1.4 above average
Mean Min   2.9C   2.0 above average
Mean         5.8C     1.7 above average
Rainfall   90.6mm   172% of average
Sunshine 81.4 hours 134% of average

With the change to cooler weather towards the end of March, it appears that the next few weeks may follow a normal April pattern.

The probability is that of sunshine and showers with some brief spells of warmer spring-like weather, but with colder and wetter weather not far away.

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