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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Has winter arrived?

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Snow shower

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

Up until the 15th of the month, December had been very near to the normal in terms of both temperature and rainfall.

Apart from a few cold days, there had been no extremes, and still no sign of any snow. The last time snow was lying locally was the winter of 2012-013.

December 2014 (to the 15th)
Mean Max   7.6C   0.5 above average
Mean Min   1.6C   0.1 above average
Mean       4.6C   0.3 above average
Rainfall     29.9mm   43% of average
Sunshine   28.5 hours 59% of average

November started off very mild, before becoming more settled into the later part of the month. The temperatures were still well above the local mean for the third month in a row.

November 2014
Mean Max   10.5C   0.7 above average
Mean Min   5.4C   1.8 above average
Mean       8.0C   1.3 above average
Rainfall   112.9mm   145% of average
Sunshine   51.9 hours 82% of average

The autumn period (September–November) was again one of the warmest recorded. It was the third mildest since records began in the Midlands area.

However, both sunshine and rainfall were very near to the local average.

Autumn 2014
Mean Max   15.3C   1.4 above average
Mean Min   8.2C   1.7 above average
Mean       11.8C   1.6 above average
Rainfall     222.4mm   97% of average
Sunshine 267.7 hours 95% of average

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Pictured: A snow shower in Queenstown, New Zealand, taken during Phil’s three-week trip in November.