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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Here’s to a very British summer

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Some weather

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

So, it wasn’t a very good summer. Some good sunny days brought the average to near normal, but there were no long warm spells. The temperatures were 0.6C below the season’s normal with quite a few very chilly nights.

August was dull and quite cold with below average temperatures and sunshine – although it was drier than usual.

September followed the theme with little in the way of any memorable weather. It was much drier than normal, but slightly warmer, mostly due to quite mild nights keeping the average higher than otherwise.

A Summary of Summer 2011
Max 20.3C 0.4 below average
Min   10.4C 0.8 below average
Mean 15.4C 0.6 below average
Rainfall 148mm 85% of average
Sunshine 422.5hrs 95% of average

August 2011
Max 20.6C 0.7 below average
Min   11.1C 0.6 below average
Mean 15.9C 0.6 below average
Rainfall 45.9mm 88% of average
Sunshine 109.1hrs 73% of average

September 2011 (to the 25th)
Max 19.1C 0.9 above average
Min   10.1C 0.5 above average
Mean 14.6C 0.7 above average
Rainfall 31.3mm 52% of average
Sunshine 91.1 hrs 72% of average

The month ahead
October looks to start on the warmer side with a southerly flow during the first week. However the weather is expected to be fairly normal this year with some frosts later in the month and very changeable and windy spells.