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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

High pressure brings dry spell

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

There was a wet start to March, with most of the rain occurring between midnight on the 7th and 9am on the 8th. 35.1mm of rainfall fell over this short spell with local flooding around the area.

From the 9th to the 18th no rainfall was recorded. The marked change was due to an area of high pressure which developed near the UK, and as we went to press there seemed little change in the drier weather.

March 2016 (to the 18th)
Mean Max   8.6C 1.4 above average
Mean Min   1.2C   1.2 above average
Mean       4.8C   1.3 above average
Rainfall     52.5mm   167% of average
Sunshine 72.5 hours 76% of average

February continued the milder weather that we experienced this winter. There was a mild, dry start to the month, with a wet and windy spell from the 5th to the 9th.

There were clearer colder nights with a screen minimum of -5.2C on the 16th, which lowered the minimum average values a little.

Quite a few sunny days boosted sunshine levels to 99.7 hours, which was 164% of the local mean.

February 2016
Mean Max   8.5C   1.2 above average
Mean Min   1.7C   0.8 above average
Mean       5.1C   1.0 above average
Rainfall   67.4mm   128% of average
Sunshine 99.7 hours 164% of average

There seems to be a change in the weather patterns developing as we go into April. A more westerly mobile air stream with sunshine and showers seems more probable.

Temperatures would therefore return to more normal levels for the time of year, with more spring sunshine.

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