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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Hot July brings humid nights

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

The first couple of weeks in July were cool, but quite dry with very little rainfall. There was only 5.9mm over the first 14 days.

From the 14th onwards, temperatures started climbing rapidly with a daytime screen maximum of 31.8C on the 19th.

This was matched by very warm and humid nights with an overnight minimum of 21.1C on the 20th – this being the highest minimum recorded in more than 30 years locally.

July 2016 (to the 22nd)
Mean Max   22.0C 0.3 above average
Mean Min   12.5C   0.3 above average
Mean       17.3C   0.3 above average
Rainfall     8.1mm   13% of average
Sunshine 108.1 hours 69% of average

June had a very warm start with temperatures reaching 25.8C on the 8th: one of the warmest June days for more than 10 years.

Thunder was heard on six days – this is often more than the entire year’s average and was due to a series of low pressure areas on or near the UK.

There was a very wet day on the 16th with 27.6mm (more than an inch) of rain in 24 hours. The last week of the month had a further 20+ mm of rainfall, making it one of the wettest Junes in my 30 years locally.

June 2016
Mean Max   19.7C   0.7 above average
Mean Min   11.3C   1.3 above average
Mean       15.5C   1.0 above average
Rainfall   127.4mm   214% of average
Sunshine 109.1 hours 80% of average

After a variable start, the weather seems to be settling into a summer pattern.

The outlook into August seems slightly more settled and possibly a little drier, thanks to high pressure developing near to the UK.

The trouble is that warm, sunny weather often ends in thundery spells with the chance of heavy showers and lots of rainfall.

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