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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

It’s been the coldest winter in 18 years

Posted on February 19 2009 at 7:59:30 0 comments

Snowy Square in Alvechurch

It’s been a very cold winter so far, from January 1 to now (February 19) the coldest locally since 1991.

There have been 15 days of ground frost in the first 18 days of February, nine days with snow laying, which is well above the average.

The maximum depth was on February 6 with 11cms (approx 4 inches) level snow.

Temperatures were also very cold, with an average of 2.4C, which is 1.4C below average and the coldest February since 1991.

The outlook into the next month is for a quiet period of weather, possibly a little chilly at times, but probably nowhere near as cold as recently.

Some weather lore:

When stars shine clear and bright
We will have a very cold night.

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