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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Mixed month of rain, frost, snow

Posted on February 29 2016 at 3:24:14 0 comments

Frosty sunrise

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

The first couple of weeks of February were generally on the mild side with wet and very windy conditions. This produced some flooding, especially along the lower Arrow and Avon Rivers.

Since the 13th there had been a ground frost every night and a few air frosts. As a result of this change in weather pattern it seemed more like winter with crisp, cold sunny days and overnight hoar frosts.

Sunshine over the third week made the month already sunnier than the norm with still more than a week still to go as The Village went to press. Rainfall was above average, mostly due to the wet start to the month.

February 2016 (to the 18th)
Mean Max   8.2C 0.9 above average
Mean Min   1.8C   0.9 above average
Mean       5.0C   0.9 above average
Rainfall     61.5mm   117% of average
Sunshine 63.3 hours 104% of average

January offered more normal winter weather – the first couple of weeks were wet but temperatures returned to near-normal for the time of year.

The third week saw a much colder spell with some sunny days and very hard night frosts and a few patches of freezing fog.

We saw a small amount of snow on a couple of days but the end of the month was mild. Rainfall levels were well above the local average with 165% of the 30-year mean.

January 2016
Mean Max   8.2C   1.5 above average
Mean Min   2.3C   1.1 above average
Mean       5.3C   1.3 above average
Rainfall   111.7mm   164% of average
Sunshine 44.9 hours 89% of average

The end of February, with its mixture of rain and clearer frosty weather, sets the pattern for March.

A blocking area of high pressure will tend to give rise to near-normal temperatures and some cold and frosty nights – with the slight chance of some wintry sleet and snow in some places.

The computer models are not that certain later into the month, but probably becoming milder.

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